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Louisiana Flood Victims Relief Opportunity


We would like to let all Mount Olive, NC and surrounding area residents know that, up until 12:00PM September 1st, we will be the host of a donation location for items going DIRECTLY to Denham Springs, LA to assist in the aid of the flood victims from the recent natural disaster in that area. We will accept shoes, clothing (excluding undergarments), household supplies (towels, paper products, etc.), and any amount of financial contributions. Donations are accepted during normal business hours (M-F, 8:00am-5:30pm) and Saturday from 8:00am-12:00pm. All contributions will be held under lock and key until the truck arrives for Louisiana next Thursday.


Please take a moment to read the story below from General Manager Kevin Roberts on how this opportunity came about and how directly your donation will help the lives of those in need :


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"Recently, a long-time friend of ours from Rones Chapel near Mount Olive, Bernard Jones, visited our store. Bernard shared with us that the material he was purchasing while in our store was in preparation for an upcoming trip. Not a vacation or business related trip, but a trip to Denham, Louisiana located in Livingston Parrish just outside of Baton Rouge. Denham, or Denham Springs rather, has a population of about 10,000 …. almost all of which was adversely affected by the recent flooding caused by severe storms and torrential rains in that region.


Bernard is planning to go with others from his church to Denham Springs, LA next week to help start rebuilding there. Homes, businesses, churches … all are on docket to be repaired if possible or rebuilt if necessary. Bernard shared with us that his pastor, Rev. Jason Lee Watford, is originally from Denham Springs and continues to have close family members living there, many of whom have lost almost everything due to flooding. He, and several others in his church, Seven Springs Baptist Church, are leaving Friday on a mission of love and purpose to help their pastor's family, and others of the Denham Springs area, rebuild what the high waters have taken.

Bernard did not ask for a discount, nor a donation for the amount of the items purchased. But in a brief conversation with him today, we recognized a need. The need isn't in our area (this time), but folks from our area are responding. So, we felt led to offer a helping hand alongside others who are responding so selflessly. 

We are placing a large box just inside our storefront doors and are, for a brief few days, accepting donations of clothes, shoes, canned goods, staple products of all kinds …. anything flood victims could use. We are told that there is an over-whelming need for shoes, for men, women and children. Almost everyone there has had to walk in flood waters and have damaged their shoes to the point they cannot be re-used. Monetary donations are also accepted to help volunteers cover the costs of food, gas and living expenses. Many of the volunteers are staying in campers and tractor trailer cabins while helping the flood victims and will be using generators for power.


If anyone…our customers, local individuals, other businesses, school or church groups … would like to join us in preparing a large "care box" to be sent directly to the flood victims of Denham Springs, LA …please bring your donated items by our store no later than 12 noon on Thursday, September 1st. Bernard and his group will be driving down to Denham on a large 18-wheeler loaded with building material and supplies. They must wait until the 1st to drive down because the flood waters have not yet receded enough that anyone there can start rebuilding. Fortunately, this gives us a few days to collect a few donated items that can help the flood victims cope, while their homes are being rebuilt. 

We saw this as an opportunity. An opportunity to help someone in need by supporting a local friend and customer. And in this effort, you can rest assured that 100% of the materials donated WILL INDEED reach those in need directly! If you would like more information or details on this effort, please contact Ryan or Kevin Roberts at our office by FB messaging this page or you can call Ryan or Kevin at (919) 658-5066 during business hours."

Proverbs 11:25 NEV
"Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who enriches others will himself be enriched"


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