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ROMASCO Announces Staffing Changes in 2022


In a recent statement released by Kevin Roberts, Principal and Managing Partner of Roberts Machine & Supply Company in Mount Olive, he announced that several employees have received promotions within the organization.


Roberts Machine & Supply Company was founded in 1969 by Wyatt E. Roberts as a fabrication and specialty welding company located in Mount Olive, NC.  In the 90’s, the company transitioned into a wholesale distribution company specializing in industrial & commercial maintenance supplies and serving local industrial customers, contractors and agri-industrial customers. 

Wyatt managed the company as a sole-proprietorship until 2015, when it was converted into an LLC.  Wyatt’s son, Kevin, returned to manage the family business in 2009 following a 20 year career with Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation.  Today, Kevin along with his two adult children, Morgan R. Lee and Ryan Roberts are co-owners of the family business.    He announced recently that three employees have been recognized for their service with the company with promotions . . . .


Kallie Brock . . . has been named General Manager – Administrative & Finance. 


Kallie is from Mount Olive and joined the company in 2017 as an Office Coordinator.  Kallie worked with the clerical and administrative aspects of the company including invoicing, customer service, purchasing and accounts payables.   She is currently employed full-time as General Manager – Administrative & Finance and co-manages the company by overseeing the administrative and financial aspects of the business.  Kallie is responsible for the general ledger accounting, accounts payables, accounts receivables, banking and product purchasing and other duties relating to the administrative management of the company.

Kallie is from Mount Olive and is a graduate of North Duplin High School.  She attended Wayne Community College in the college transfer program.  She is currently attending UNC-Pembroke pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Kallie also assists in the management of her family’s poultry farm near Mount Olive.  She enjoys horseback riding and fishing.

Cole Moore . . . has been named General Manager – Store & Warehouse. 


Cole is from the Grantham community near Goldsboro and joined the company in 2017 as Warehouse Coordinator.  Cole previously worked in receiving and shipping, inventory stocking and inventory auditing.  Cole is now responsible for Store counter sales, physical inventory placement, shipping & receiving, building & grounds maintenance and other duties relating to the management of the company’s store & warehouse daily operations.


Cole is a graduate of Southern Wayne High School and earned an Associate’s Degree from Wayne Community College in Business.  He manages a lawn care and landscaping business of his own and enjoys hunting & fishing when he’s not working.


Gloria Garcia  . . . has been named Inventory Coordinator. 


Gloria is a Mount Olive native and joined the company in 2016 as an Inventory Clerk, working in the stockroom learning the products and vendors, and assisting customers. Gloria is currently employed part-time as Inventory Coordinator as also provides translation services for the company for Hispanic customers.  As Inventory Coordinator, Gloria categorizes products, updates pricing and descriptions for products in the company database, monitors products for re-order and assists with customer services and special projects.  Gloria is a graduate of North Duplin High School.  She is married and has a one year old toddler.


In his statement, Roberts praised the employees for their skills, dedication and work ethic, especially at an early age.  “All of these individuals are under 25 years of age, but have an incredibly strong work ethic and maturity normally found in older, more “seasoned” employees.  These young adults understand the importance of cooperation and teamwork in the workplace … and they work together very well”. 

Roberts also noted that … “for the business to continue and grow, changes have to be made … placing these individuals in management roles is a big change for us … until now, only the owners have had this kind of responsibility and authority.  It’s part of our long-term business plan to remain viable and be able to serve our customers for years to come.   It also broadens our ability to serve our market.  Each employee has a voice in how the company operates.”


Early in it’s existence, our business served primarily agricultural customers.  Although we still continue to stock some agri-related product lines … we’ve experienced growth in serving industrial maintenance customers.   Ironically, the majority of our local industrial community is agricultural (produce and poultry).   The local industrial community and supporting contractors have become a larger portion of our business now.   The way we think about our business, the products we offer and the market we now serve is different than it was 50 years ago.


Roberts also commented on the recent shortage of human resources that he, and other local small businesses, have encountered during and after Covid-19.  “We compete with other small businesses and  local industries for human resources … and we depend on good, dedicated employees to remain successful.”  Roberts noted “it hasn’t been easy … we have three full-time employees and we normally have at least five … sometimes as many as seven … during this time of year.   Each employee multi-tasks … learning and performing the job duties of their co-workers and jumping in to help when the need arises”.

Hiring after Covid-19 has been a difficult task.  “Not everyone wants to work for a small company, but then again, not everyone is cut out to work for a larger company either.”  Roberts pointed out that small companies are sometimes more flexible (and perhaps more understanding) than large industries when it comes to employees needs.  “We are not only co-workers, we’re friends … we enjoy seeing each other and working together during the week …. and we enjoy seeing our customers … it’s just part of the small business environment that we have created here”. 


The company is now in it’s 53rd year of operation and plans are to continue operating.  “Will we continue to change in order to remain in business? … yes!” Roberts said.  “We must listen and respond to what our customers need … and these individuals are the absolute right people for this job … if anyone can manage this business … it’s these people!”


To learn more about Roberts Machine & Supply Company, our employees, the products we offer and the customer markets we serve … visit our website at or look us up on Facebook. 


Romasco is an acronym adopted by the business about 12 years ago and represents the company name.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -online release: September 19, 2022 


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